Stone floor cleaning.

We get alot of calls from the general public and businesses about stone floor cleaning. Most of the problems are caused by dirt being ground in, liquids being left on the surface, acid stains caused by fruit,vinegar or cleaners etc. Grout lines are often an issue as well and even with heavy scrubbing it is often better to grind the grout lines out and to re grout the floor, clean and capture is worth trying before this though.


We have several methods for cleaning floors, these range from basic pad cleaning with chemicals to clean and cpature and floor polishers equipped with carborundum brushes. High hone finished floor are straight forward, these can be cleaned, re crystallised and stone soaped, this will give this type of floor a great finish everytime. The more difficult floors are textured floors, these often need deep cleaning because of the surface finish. Old un even flag stone floors can also be difficult because they have lost areas of grout and this needs to be addressed first. Repairs should also be made to make the floors water proof. Either way we have the equipment to deal with almost any senario. 


 It is often a myth that the surfaces of the stone haven't received enough impregnator. Most impregnators will only tolerate so much and should be applied again over a period of time. There are many types of impregnator the best ones seem to be Tikko Ultimate from Posh Floors and products from Dry Treat. Most impregnators like HG or LTP seem to be to thick to properly penetrate the stone and they leave residue which can be hard to buff off. The Tikko products especially are ultra fine in their make up and flash off quickly when applied, they are also much easier to buff to a finish. So to keep your stone floor in good condition it is important to keep a maintenance routine going for your floor. Keep it clean with a neutral cleaner and ensure it is re impregnated properly every 3 to 5 years dependant on traffic.




This is a sand stone floor which is heavily marked with years of filth on the surface.
Some of the marks had been caused by the home owner trying to restore the floor themselves.
Once the floor had been cleaned it was sealed to ensure easy maintenance.