Removing scratches and stains from natural stone and polished concrete floors.

This is typical of the type of finish we normally get called in to deal with. It was heavily scratched and some one have even taken an angle grinder to it to try and remove the lippage. We pride ourselves in being able to tackle almost any floor restoration job that is put infront of us this job was no exception. We have machinery and tooling that is unique to our company and this really does set us above anyone else in the area.

The stain in this floor was caused by a solvent being spilt over it. The developer who caused it tried to sand paper the mark out ! this causing untold damage. We were called in and re ground the floor which removed all traces of the stain, the floor was then polished and power polished before being impregnated.

Highly polished floors can dull very quickly when they get scratched the fine scratches stop the surface reflecting light so well. This can be rectified in many ways bringing the floors often back to a higher than factory finish. Marble,limestone and travertine floors are easier to deal with than granite but still we can achieve glass like finishes on any of these materials.