Domestic concrete floor installations.

A new installation being prepared for concreting, We take the floor on from the under floor heating stage, install the reinforced steel and chairs and then begin pumping the concrete.
Concrete installed, next stage the concrete is vibrated, then panned and the edges steel trowelled before the floor is power floated.
Full aggregate floor near Chard.
Installation of power floated polished concrete near Dawlish.
Polished power floated floor and patio area.
Polished concrete domestically is a much harder concept to achieve due to restrictive access, power and edge work.
This full aggregate show concrete floor is the most common of the concepts of polished concrete domestically the power floated look concept as in the picture above is harder to achieve.
This is a polished Agilia concrete floor. This is a self compacting concrete from Le Farge. This is ideal if you want a salt and pepper type non aggregate finish.
150 sq/mtrs of HTC Platinum. Concrete was supplied by S.Morris in Taunton.
Salt and pepper finished floor near Bude.