Stone lippage removal.

Much of our work when we start restoring a stone floor involves removing the lippage from the tiles. Not only is it unsitely but in extreme cases it can be a trip hazzard. From our point of view we need to remove it because it can causes picture framing of the tiles from the low edges and corners, the high corners and edges on the other hand will damage the finish diamonds we use. Removing the lippage then helps to make a floor look like it was originally laid properly and also makes maintenance easier for the future.


Lippage removal is straight forward if you have the right equipment. We can use either our HTC or Werkmaster machines to carry out the process which basically involves machining the floor until all the high and low spots are removed. The bigger machines are obviously better at this process because of their weight and power. Once the process is complete finish grinding can start which is far quicker on a flatter floor.