Natural stone restoration.

Much of our work over the years has involved re laying and restoring natural stone, the majority being marble and limestone. Natural stone has become very popular especially limestone and travertine, the warm appearance of these stones give a high end look with various levels of shine. These types of stone account for about 85% of our involement with natural stone the rest being granite, basalt, sandstone, terrazzo and terracotta.


What makes our buisness different is not only can we lay sone we can grind it as well and change the levels of shine. This makes us unique in the area. When competitors lay stone all they have is a damp sponge to wipe over the surface and basically thats the finish. We on the other hand can finish the stone from a low hone to a high gloss finish using our extensive tried and tested processes. With our various planetary and diamond polishing machines we can give you the finish you require and often improve on factory finish.


We get lots of calls from disgruntled people who's floors have not been laid properly, often tilers and builders have not got the experience in laying flat floors. The main problems here are finish and lippage. This is not a problem for us, our planetary and Werk Master machines flatten floors beautifully which in turn makes diamond polishing straight forward. In the case of limestone, marble and travertine floors once they are ground we would powder polish them and as a maintainance stone soap the floor. This leaves them with a fantastic finish which is very easy and straight forward to maintain.


* Restoration of most types of stone.

* From a simple clean to a full diamond re grind.

* Efficient lippage removal on most types of stone.

* Low hone right through to high gloss finishes

* Powder polishing

* Chips and cracks repaired.

* Crystallization of calcium based stones and granite.

* Burnishing