A range of our services using HTC Super floor systems.

If you want a seamless high end finish that is easy to maintain, durable, hygenic and hard wearing then HTC super floor is the answer. The concept is straight forward, the result?- a floor with natural appearance that's aesthectically pleasing. It works incredibly well in either a domestic or commercial enviroment with many advantages over other types of floor and coverings. Super floor can also be coloured with either a water based or solvent based dyes to give your floor a translucent appearence with a colouring of your choice.


This is the most popular of the four concepts and involves the most grinding stages. It exposes all the aggregate and the end result is a durable floor with a glossy appearance that also reflects light.


Gold is the next concept. This leaves out the first stage of grinding which leaves the floor with much less aggregate showing. This is an ideal finish if the floor is already even and level. The surface finish is almost as high as Platinium.


Silver is basically the same concept as Platinium but without the polishing. All the aggregate shows but you are left with a matt finish.


Bronze is the hardest concept of the four to achieve. It uses the fewest grinding and polishing stages because the concept of this finish is that you only grind and polish the top layer of the concrete, the aggregate is not shown. This can be very difficult on an unven floor because the high spots can expose aggregate which is unwanted.

HTC planetary machines are ideal for preping floors. They can remove epoxy, carpet adhesive, tile adhesive, self levelling compound, paint and many other types of surfaces. Super prep differs from other types of surface removal becuase it doesn't damage the underlying surface unlike scarifying or shot blasting. You can also get alot closer to the perimeter of the room which isn't normally possible with the other two concepts of removal. Once the floor is ground you are left with a smooth surface which will take a new covering or paint and which will provide and excellent key.


Flooring contractors look towards having perfectly smooth floors to lay coverings on and HTC Supeprep is the ideal solution for this. The main problem with scarifying or shot blasting is you cannot level a floor, the surface may well also require grinding to rectify the uneveness. Another concern is they generate a lot of dust, noise and vibration. HTC Superprep is different, you can prepare floors whilst other works carry on. Dust is not an issue because it is extracted out the same way as if you were concrete polishing, vibration and noise are also kept to a minimum.

One of our HTC machines finishing an area at 800 grit.
HTC Super floor bronze. THis floor was finished at 3000 grit and then sealed. The concrete used was a standard C40 installed by our own guys.