Epoxy & Polyurethane coatings.

650 sq/mtrs of polyurethane resin for Trucksmiths new articulated trailer MOT bay.

Epoxy floor for RC Motor homes in Ivy Bridge.
Installation of epoxy for AC Autos in Exeter

Exeter's Suzuki garage storage unit prepped and coated in polyurethane resin.

600 sq/mtrs of Puma Seal applied to a bakery floor in Newton Abbot.
JC Autos old unit on Marsh Barton. The materials used was RESDEV's Puma Seal.
Epoxy floor installation to a unit floor, easy to maintain and very hard wearing.
This area was originally an agricultural shed, rough with a huge amount of lippage between slabs, we also had a lot of cracking to deal with.This area now has a polyurethane coating resin coating and is a PDI area for handing new vehciles over in.
Above pictures show the new workshop for RR Elite Ltd near Wincanton. The areas were prepared and floors were coated in Pumaseal.
We not only carry out large area installations of epoxy and polyurethane resin we also install walkways and demarcation. This walk way with zebra crossing was installed at SAICAPACK for health and safety reasons.