Warehouse and Unit floor solutions.

Warehouse and Unit floors are often large open areas with many different types of floors and coverings, these range from paint to polished concrete. Because concrete generates dust without having some form of treatment a covering or polishing is required.


 Paint or Epoxy however has a major downside, it has a limited life span. Although hard wearing and difficult in some cases to machine off it will in time wear out. It also requires a good key to start with, floors are often acid etched or ground. People also make the mistake trying to re apply coatings onto existing coating only to find they peel and flake off. This is a major downside to coated floors that and the fact  they add maintenace to a business and they can be very slippery when wet.


Rough concrete also has a downside. Coated or not fork lift trucks ride poorly accross the surface,companies often finding the maintenace costs increasing with wear and tear. The solution then has to be a non coated smooth surface that is virtually maintenance free.


HTC Superfloor/concrete polishing is the solution. Once the floor is ground, polished and impregnated the business will not only have a superb looking floor but a floor that is very low in maintainence and excellent in slip resistance tests. With our extensive range of Werk Master and HTC machines no matter what size area your warehouse,unit or garage floor is we can cater for it.






Glue, epoxy paint and bolt holes filled.
Concrete floor ready for a new coating or could easily be turned into polished concrete.
Perfect example of a peeling epoxy coated concrete floor being turned into polished concrete.

Supermarkets will always need low maintenance floors. Polished concrete is simply cleaned in these environments with a scrubber.

Cleaning large areas using HTC twister pads. Here we are teaming up with Numatic International who filmed us using Numatic scrubber dryers for one of their promotional films. The film is below, the warehouse scenes are from the above project.
We use ride on scrubber dryers with diamond pads to clean the surface of the floors and the propane burnish to a finish. This is a new 2000 sq/mtr shed ready to be handed over to the client.