Permaban dry shake floor finishes.

When looking for a durable concrete finish with a colour it is a good idea to look at a dry shake finish. The principal behind this is approximately 5-7kg of a coloured hardener is added to every square metre of the surface either mechcanically or on smaller areas by hand. It is applied to the concrete when it is at the panning stage prior to powerfloating, the shake is driven into the surface with the power floating machines which adds a 2-3mm layer of graded quartz sand,selected hard wearing mineral aggregates, cement and special additives. 


The main benefits of this finish is its hard wearing characteristics, increased resitance to impact, stain resistance qualities, dust proofing , uniform finish with the addition of various colours. 



This pic shows the shaker being applied to the surface, this floor used around 5 tons.
This picture shows a ride on power float panning the shaker into the surface, once finished the area is power floated and the a curing agent is applied.
This is a domestic floor which has had a light grey Qualidur added to it. We can either wax or seal this or go on and turn it into polished concrete.