TRU decorative micro cement topping.

TRU is a rapid setting decorative self levelling over topping which is relatively new to the UK market. It is superior in its make up when compared to portland cement based over toppings, features included high early strength and no shrinkage. It can be foot trafficed in 2-3 hours and at 4 hours it is already at 20 N/MM2 further more it reaches 45 N/MM2 at 28days. The product can be used indoors, out doors and in wet environments including wet rooms.


The product is unique in many ways one but one of its key features is it can be polished 24 hours after laying, this saves alot of time compared to portland based products. TRU can be stained or coloured and seeded to give an aggregate appearance though the product as standard will give you a salt and pepper speckled finish which comes from the fine aggregates present in the product.


TRU can be polished to 3000 grit even on white with virtually no discolouration or burning. The overall finish is higher with this product due to the lack of polymers which are present in most other toppings. 


Installation of this product starts with a sound substrait which is either a specified screed or concrete, this may need to be preped to except the next stage which is a two part epoxy seeded with quartz chipping ( 0.4 -0.8 mm ). The surface is the vacuumed once dry and then the product is then mixed using a hippo type mixer, poured, pin levelled and then a spike roller is used to help the levelling process further and to get rid of any air trapped in the product. The next day the floor can be ground and polished and sealed. So if you've always wanted a polished concrete floor but your floor has cracks, trenches,patches or has a spalled cap this product can be laid over the top and will give you a seamless very high end finish.


Tru self levelling is an easy care, hard wearing, attractive design floor.