Werkmaster machines.

We own the only electric Colossos XT in the country. Its heavier than the propane version and it has a higher top speed. The finish you can achieve with this machine is remarkable, a very high gloss with clarity.
The new Werkmaster Colossos XT. Propane powered 745lbs in weight , 32hp.

This is a Werkmaster Titan one of the machines we use for prep work, concrete polishing, terrazzo grinding and polishing and natural stone restoration. It is a very versatile machine with some unique characteristics. The Titan has 10hp with eight heads underneath four turning clockwise and four counter clockwise. This makes the machine neutral when using it and very manoverable. The power of the machine and the amount of weight it is able to put on each diamond underneath puts it in the same category as a 800-900mm planetary machine which probably weighs 3 times as much. The heads are also positioned in such away that you are able to machine within 3mm of the wall and also right into the corner of a room somewhere where planetary machines cannot get. This saves alot of time because previously the edge work in a room would be done by hand which is very labour intensive.  

Demonstration of wet Terrazzo grinding with a Titan.

Concrete polishing with a Titan using 100 grit resin tooling.

Werkmaster Scarab.

This is a Werkmaster Scarab which is a very versatile machine. It allows you to machine areas that are hard to access, counter tops, edge's, wall's and whole floor areas. The machine has five heads underneath and is totally unique, no other company produces a machine like the Scarab. It allows you to do prep work, grinding right through to polishing. With the new plug and go system it also shares tooling from the bigger machines which increases its versatility.  

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