Liquid screed.

Polishable screeds are a fairly new concept with final finishes within the reaches of conventional polished concrete. Installing them takes some skill, even the way the surface is dappled can effect the overall finish and care is needed when applying expanding agents to cement based products like Belitex C otherwise you can experience blistering or cracking within the product.


Below are pictures of an installation we have recently done near Edinburgh. The product used was Gypsol Diamond which makes around C25-C30 when fully dry. 


Grinding and polishing these screeds has taken alot of research and development but with the process and tooling a hardwearing high finish is achievable.

Above is one of the three areas we poured in the same property, total area was 273 sq/mtrs. 

During complicated pours we install stop ends in polycarbonate and install polycarbonate shutters as we go through the pour to act as contraction cuts, these are normally introduced in doorways.

This pic shows the top floor installation. Wall protection is a must, note the contraction shutters in place in the doorways.