Mapei Ultratop .

We now have an area of micro toppings in our workshop. There are five different colours which have been brought up to a high finish, higher infact than what is normally expected from this product. We also have a 3 ton slab of polished concrete next to the micro toppings so you can see the difference in looks and finish. Viewing of these samples is by appointment only but you are more than welcome to come and have a look.  

You can clearly see the reflection of the burnisher in the anthracite sample of micro topping.

Installation method for Ultratop.

When mixing the products for domestics we tend to use Hippomixers. You need to batch mix these products so we put 4-5 bags in at a time to keep the colour of the product as consistent as possible. The product is also strained when poured to ensure that ev

Mapei Ultratop has been specified for this area of concrete. The client wanted a no aggregate dark polished concrete and in the end Ultratop anthracite was choosen because it would give a guaranteed uniform finish with same high end seamless appearance of polished concrete. The concrete was left to dry for 5 weeks and any holes around the edges were filled with silicone to stop any of the topping escaping once poured. It is important to ensure the surface of the concrete is sound before starting the installation.

This is the next stage of the process applying the two part epoxy and the engineered quartz chippings. The epoxy is slow setting so there is plenty of time once down to saturate it with the 1.2mm chippings. The next day the excess quartz is vacuumed off the surface left is incredibly rough, this helps the Ultratop from shrinking back and gives it a good surface to bond to.

Once the surface has been vacuumed and is free from any loose quartz chippings the Ultratop can be poured. It is important to keep this process going to the end without stopping. Once installed it needs to be left for approximately three days before it can be ground and polished. 

This light grey Ultratop was installed for David Lyon, BBC correspondent. The topping was sealed with Mapei 52W and Opeca wax. The property is in Aberystwyth.
This Mapei Ultratop has been densified with 3DHS and we used SR2 sealer on it.