Power floated floor installations.

There are very few companies that offer a full concrete installation who can then turn the concrete into polished concrete. Fortunetly we have a great concreting team which allows us to not only offer polished concrete floors but standard power floated floors as well, this sets us apart in the SouthWest.


Our team can install concrete floors to domestic homes, retail spaces right up to commercial & industrial sized units and warehouses. 


Services include:

* Installation of the reinforcing steel mesh

* Supply of a concrete pump to site

* Installation of concrete 

* Power floating

* Application of various curing and hardening agents

* Application of shaker coloured finishes

Picture shows a recent pour we did near Torquay. Access does need to be fairly good for the size of vehicles required to undertake concreting. The pump was around 30 metres away from the floor area.
With larger installations we use articulated lorries to bring the concrete in. These can carry around 11 cubic mtrs of concrete, the installation here took around 400 tons of C45 blended concrete. The pour started at 7am and finished at around 3pm.
Wire mesh being installed above the insulation, once complete the mesh is stood on chairs approx 50mm above the insulation.
Pumping the concrete is quick, efficient and cost effective. Here we are using UK SGP.
During the installation areas are levelled,vibrated and floated. Approximately 5 hours later the floor has a power float with a pan underneath put over it three to four times then finally the floor is power floated with blades to a high finish.
Larger slabs require require ride on power floats. This 500 sq/mtr slab installation started at 8am and was finished by 6pm
Qualidur dry shake being panned into the surface with a ride on power float. A simple and cost effective way of giving a concrete floor stain resistance and colour.
This 4000 sq/mtr shed being prepped into 1000 sq/mtr bays.
First 1000sq/mtrs of concrete installed by Darren and his team , 3000 sq/mtrs left to do.
This is a floor installed by our team,2250 sq/mtrs of power floated concrete with a SIKA pro seal finish.
recent installation of power floated concrete for Dave Lucey Ltd near Bath.
800 sq/mtr power floated floor installed near Truro.
315 sq/mtr warehouse floor installed for WCFS at Foxmore Business Park.