Pump liquid screeds

The picture above shows one of the pump screeds we install. This is a cementitious screed that we would normally install at 65mm though it can be laid thinner/thicker. We have spent a lot of time deveopling a system for polishng this particular screed which at the right strength can be polished to a very high standard. Different pigments can be added to change the colour of the screed, above is the charcoal in the foreground with the standard colour behind. We also install Gypsol anhydrite screeds which can have pigments added.


Pump screeds have many advantages over concrete,their main disadvantage is they cannot be used as a structual slab. If you are looking for a salt and pepper finish then a pump screed is a good idea especially in a domestic environment. Advantages here include less contraction cuts, more uniform finish, ease of installation into smaller rooms and a flatter overall floor compared to concrete.


We also install standard pump screeds for which you would use for carpet/tile/timber/vinyl to go on. These screeds are weaker in strength than the ones we grind and polish.