HTC Twister pads for maintenance.

HTC twister pads are basically nylon pads impregnated with various grades of diamonds. They range from black pads which are about 120 grit to green which are around  3000. The pads are used extensively in the field of cleaning rather than restoration. Large comapnies like Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury use these types of pads during their daily cleaning becuase they are able to resurface the floor leaving the surface clean and with a resonable shine. The pads do work well in most situtations, if you use them through the different stages you can get some good results especially on uneven floors where diamond grinding would fail to get into low areas.


The pads work on most stone and concrete floor finishes. Supermarkets use them on terrazzo, stores like B & Q use them on their polished concrete floors. Again they are used primarily for maintenace.


One stone they do not seem to work that well on is Flax limestone, the pads seem to give the stone a slightly rough feel compared to a similar diamond grinding finish. You would certainly get a much better over all appearance by diamond grinding marble to 800 grit and powder polishing compared to taking the marble up to 3000 grit with a twister pad. Overall if you are after a high finish and then diamond grinding and powder polishing is the best route but if maintenance work is being done then twister pads do make good economic sense.

The floor above is limestone. This was cleaned with twister pads and then to give it a higher finish it was powder polished. If the floor had been diamond ground and then powder polished it would have a crisper more reflective look to it.