The best small specialist companies rely on the expertise and dedication of their founder. Exeter Floor Restoration LTD is one such company, its founder, Jon Davies, a craftsman of the highest order, skilled, dedicated and gratifyingly accurate and honest in his assessment of what a given task needs for restoration in materials, time, cost, and predicting the final outcome. A project he undertook for me in my 1872 Georgian Edinburgh mews, a terrazzo -type floor in dire distress, a botched installation; in a word , a disaster. Unfazed by its condition, he transformed it into a sparkling, spirit-level flat-smooth dazzling floor of a high standard fit for the rare art deco prints planned to adorn the walls.It and its contents are often praised.

On the basis of the three days heavy effort he put into the challange, and the attention to detail he demonstrated at every turn, I did not hesitate in commissioning his company to restore and create all the traditional floor and bathroom surfaces in my old Spanish house.

There are craftsmen and there are jobbing tradesmen. Jon Davies and his team are national assets, exactly like the conservation floors they restore.

Gareth Wardell , Film maker and writer.