Floor preparation.

Using our extesive range of equipment and tooling we can prepare a variety of surfaces domestically and commercially. Our grinders range from 240lbs up to 1000lbs so have most bases covered when it comes to removing glue,tile adhesive,mastic,bitumen to the other end of the scale ultra tough MMA coatings. We are the only company in Devon with either an eight headed Werkmaster machine or a four headed HTC planetary grinder. This combined with strong extraction systems mean dust is kept to a minimum. We also have tooling and tool holders specially made, this allow us to increase our machines overall capacity when grinding.  

The HTC Duratiq X8 machines are phenomenal at prep. Used recently on a Bakery floor in Newton Abbot in excess of 7 tons was removed from the surface of a 600 sq/mtr floor in readiness of a Puma Seal coating.
Floor being prepared for R West & Son in Plymouth. The area was heavily contaminated and required numerous layers of vinyl and self levelling compound ground off it. Total area 566 sq/mtr.
Floor preparation starts with a good survey of the floor to eliminate damage to the grinders. As seen here raw bolts are either removed or ground back and then epoxy filled.
This floor had old epoxy paint, carpet glue and uneven seams between the concrete slabs.
With one of our HTC machines hooked up to our HTC 80 ID extractor the floor grinding is a swift clean process. All the debris and dust is bagged by the pre separator and extractor. The 300 sq/mtrs here took less than 11 hours to complete.
Once the grinding was complete the area was densified and a scrubber dryer used to clean the floor before handing it back to the client.
Floor preparation is all about dust control. Extraction is all important machines can be taking 100-200kgs an hour off on soft surfaces.
500 sq/mtrs of floor prep in Dorset.
Floor preparation at Premier Paper in Newton Abbot.
Before picture of the above floor.
After picture, all glue contamination removed, bolt holes filled and the surface has been densified.
Waste from the above floor bagged by the extractors. Dust collection is all important for good working conditions. A simple tranfer from the floor area then into skips.