An appalling installation of Carr Crete.

These pictures and e-mail below were from a job carried out in Reading for a client of David Carr's called Mrs Key. Mr Carr didn't see much wrong with the work that had been carried out so im sure there will be no issues with me posting the pictures i took on here.


The concrete was installed by sub contractors of Mr Carr's who showed absolutely no level of care at all in maintaining levels or finish. The fact that it took them two days to lay the floor that any decent concreting company could pump in and level in around two hours shows that they must have an appalling level of skill and total incompetence. 


The concrete floors we lay are layed to a tolerance from S1 to S3 depending on what is specified, the levels on this this floor were so poor,large humps all over it, nothing within standard concreting tolerance. Finish wise you could have done a better job with the back of a shovel, simply shocking.  The mix was also very concerning, incredibly dry.Infact where large holes were appearing you could simply pick the aggregate out with your nails. 


I have also added an e-mail from Mr Carr that he sent to Mrs Key which clearly shows what you would be dealing with, claims of grandeur and claims that are massively over inflated! If you want a second opinion simply phone around and ask the professional contractors and manufacturers out there.




The first picture shows the standard of finish achieved by Mr Carr's subcontractors.
Again you would think you were looking at the surface of the moon rather than a concrete floor!
When installing concrete it's all about the detail. This area of the floor was diabolical!
Mr Carr found this all acceptable! A farmer would be ashamed to have this finish on a drive way!
Dry powdery holes where the concrete has not been mixed properly.
Dark marks in the floor that grinding simply wouldn't take out!
Mr Carr maintained that only he fully understands how this product should be ground and polished! These holes are down to the mix nothing to do with tooling!
This is why you shouldn't lay a floor over two days, shade difference's! Mr Carr's subcontractors even butted these two floors together!
I can assure the public that the claims made in this e-mail are grossly exaggerated by Mr Carr. This is no wonder product in fact standard concrete is all you need for polished concrete. And as for everything rolling back up hill to Mr Carr! Fiction!!!