Gypsol Diamond polishable screed.

Gypsol Diamond is the only anhydrite screed that can be polishined and used as a wearable surface.The product has high thermal conductivity so works very well with under floor heating and can be laid over large areas without the need of contraction joints, these only being induced normally in doorways or corridors.Gypsol is far easier to install than the cement based products on the market as there is no need to add expanding products to the screed at the end of the installation process. 

The above installation of Gypsol Diamond shows how versatile liquid products are when compared to concrete. There is no need for reinforced steel,power floating and the liquid screeds are much flatter once installed. Liquid screeds are also more thermally
We also install standard Gypsol screeds like HTC and classic. The picture here shows an installation of HTC which has higher thermal conductivity that the standard classic mix. These screeds would normally have tile/carpet/wood/vinyl etc on top.
This pic shows the type of finish you would expect with Gypsol Diamond its about 75-80% that of polished concrete.
Another Gypsol diamond floor ground and polished in Doncaster.
Gypsol diamond with a grey pigment added supplied by S.Morris.
Gypsol Diamond floor installed in Stokenteignhead.
Gypsol Diamond floor installed near Cullompton.
200 sq/mtrs of pigmented Gypsol Diamond .